Sun in 1st House Analysis in Vedic Astrology for Marriage, Career, Health, Family, etc.

Sun in 1st House: Is the Sun placed in the 1st house in your birth chart, and do you want to know what is the effect of the Sun in the 1st house? Here we have given you the complete predictions of the first house Sun.

Sun in 1st House Analysis in Vedic Astrology

The first house is the most important in the birth chart. From the first house, the person’s soul power, physical restraint, appearance, etc. are seen, apart from this, the planet sits in the first house also sees the seventh house from its seventh Aspect, so it is very significant for the seventh house matters like marriage, etc. Here we have shared with you information about the fruits in the first house of the Sun. If Sun is in 1st house in your birth chart, then you must read this

Sun in First House – General Analysis

The results of the Sun in the first house in the birth chart are different in different ascendants. Through today’s article, we will talk with you about the common fruit of the first house of the Sun.

The sun is generally considered a symbol of arrogance and rule. Whenever the Sun comes in the first house in the birth chart, the person becomes a little arrogant. He sometimes has a feeling of jealousy for the attainment of power. Sun is considered to be the king of the birth chart, in such a situation, when there is Sun in the first house in the birth chart, then the person is very interested in politics.

Sun is also a factor of self-confidence, and this position of Sun in the first house makes the person confident.

Love and Marriage when the Sun is in the first House

When the Sun is in the first house, he sees the seventh house with his seventh vision and he is considered to be the lord of the natural fifth house. The person cannot leave the ego even in his relationship. Such a person can spoil his relationship with his excessive pride. It loves itself more than others.

Marriage of such a person, if the Dasha of the sun comes at the right time, then the marriage can take place in the middle of the Dasha of the sun.

The aspect of Sun is situated on the seventh house, which is the house of marriage, in such a situation, if the factor of marriage is not good, then the situation of separation can also be created.

Benefic result of sun in first House

The position of Sun here in the birth chart gives good social prestige to the native. They have strong willpower and courage. Sun is the signification of leadership and because the Sun is exalted here in the horoscope of Kaal Purush, it also gives good leadership qualities. There is good success in politics. Such a person is very ambitious.

  • Such people are endowed with positive energy and are a bit harsh in nature.
  • The person becomes intelligent and is fond of having knowledge of various subjects.
  • Due to his good qualities, ambition, self-confidence, he gets a good name in the society.
  • By nature, such people are very honest and take along with nature.
  • Such people are always ready for the challenge.
  • Due to good deeds in his field of work, he can be remembered for good deeds in future also.
  • In politics, people can have a good art of doing their own thing.

Negative result of the sun in first House

Here we have talked to you about some negative results in the first house of the Sun. If you are troubled by these negative things of the Sun, then you must take the advice of a good astrologer. All the good or negative results are given here are also based on the position of other planets.

  • He is sometimes arrogant about his success and can easily hurt others.
  • After success, ego very soon pervades them.
  • You need to control your speech.
  • Due to the Sun being in the first house, the person may also suffer from the problem of baldness.

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