Moon in 11th House Analysis in Vedic Astrology

Moon in 11th House in Astrology: Is the Moon placed in the 11th house in your birth chart, and do you want to know what is the effect of the Moon in the 11th house? Here we have given you the complete predictions of the 11th house Moon.

Moon in 11th House in Vedic Astrology

In astrology, the eleventh house is known as the profit house. The planet sitting here in the birth chart gives only auspicious results in most of the cases. The eleventh house is also seen for friends, elder brothers, or sisters. Here, the planet also sees the fifth house from its seventh aspect, so it also affects your social prestige. Here we are sharing information with you on what result you get when Moon is situated in your eleventh house.

Moon located in the eleventh house gives auspicious results in most of the cases. The eleventh house is known from the benefic place, so the presence of the moon in the benefic place will definitely give auspiciousness to the person, but if the moon is situated with an inauspicious planet, then the auspiciousness of the moon may decrease.

When the Moon is situated in the eleventh house in the horoscope, the person’s nature is fickle, and he is always thinking of something or the other. Such a person makes a lot of plans, such a person does not want to do any work without profit. Such a person likes to live abroad.

If Moon is in your eleventh house, then you are a wealthy and honest person. You can enjoy the happiness of a long life. You are a person who is virtuous and gets the happiness of children. Not only that, but you will live happily with your children. You also earn money through business. You are more likely to have a daughter.

Moon in 11th House and Social Status

Such a person enjoys a good reputation in society. Such a person has good chances of doing a government job, or there is a possibility of being associated with Governmental work. If you want to try luck in politics, then you can get success in it. You can also get an opportunity to do government work. You can get respect and prestige from the government. Furthermore, you can make your own identity through an NGO.

The Moon placed in the eleventh house sees the fifth house from its seventh aspect. The person keeps in touch with intellectuals. It mixes easily in any society.

Here we have given you the information about the results of the Moon being placed in the eleventh house. If you want to know what are the fruits in other houses of the Moon, then choose from the table given below.

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