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Here we Give You Free Astrology Service in India: Provided Astrology Service is totally free of cost by Experienced Astrologer. Hurry up…


  • Ask only one question at a time
  • Write the name of the district and the name of the state, along with the place of birth.
  • The answer to the question will be sent to us by mail.

We know that astrology is very important in life. It gives you an opportunity to prepare in advance for the trouble that is to come. An amazing idea on astrology has been presented by a very famous businessman J P Morgan.

“Millionaires Don’t Need Astrologers, Billionaires Do”

J P Morgan.

Many ordinary people are unable to pay the expensive fees charged by astrologers these days. Because of these fees, they cannot experience this sacred knowledge, nor can they make a beautiful change in their lives. With many such things in mind, here we have provided a facility of free astrology service for your service.

Our Free Astrology Services

Here we will provide a free astrology facility with you in various fields. Such as …

  • Yearly Prediction Through Vedic Tithi pravesh Chart
  • Match Making and Love Compatibility
  • Prashna Astrology
  • Free Career Consulting
  • Best Mantra Suggestion
  • Best Gemstone Suggestion
  • Raj Yoga Report
  • Best Time for Career
  • Marriage Timing
  • Baby Planning and Name
  • Health Report
  • Finance Problem Consulting
  • Free Remedy

Yearly Prediction Through Vedic Tithi pravesh Chart

The birthdays we celebrate are revered in Western culture, while your Vedic culture-based birthdays are determined based on the calculation of the moon and the sun. Based on the date of birth which is determined based on the moon and the sun, a birth horoscope is formed which is known as the Tithi Pravesh horoscope. From this date, the horoscope can be used to predict what the whole year will be like.

Match Making and Love Compatibility

One of the beautiful things about astrology is that from the middle of the birth chart, we can know the nature of our life partner along with the future to come. Here we will provide a free Match Making and Love Compatibility facility with you through a free astrology service.

Prashna Astrology

Prashna Astrology is a beautiful tool of astrology that is very useful for prediction. Prashna Astrology can be very important when a person does not have the correct information about their time or date of birth. The question has to be answered based on the time of the question asked in astrology.

Free Career Consulting

Many people have problems with their careers. Through horoscope, it can be seen which business or job will be good for a person. If you are bothered by any career-related problem then submit the details in the form given above. We will try to diagnose your problem from the medium of astrology as soon as possible. This is a completely free astrology service, but you can donate to us if you want.

Best Mantra Suggestion

Sometimes even a small mantra can do a great job. Here we will give you the mantra that suits you according to your birth certificate. You can start the day by chanting the mantra given here every morning.

Best Gemstone Suggestion

Many people have a question in their minds about which gemstone should be worn. Some people wear gemstone based on the birth sign, but that is a completely wrong way. The gemstone of the planets is selected on the basis of the position and Dasha time of the planets in the horoscope. If you want to wear a gemstone, we will help you for free, take our free astrology service.

Raj Yoga Report

Many Raja Yogas are formed based on the position of the planets in the horoscope. Raja Yoga is essential in life for the attainment of power and money. A lot can be achieved if Raja Yoga is in the birth chart and its time also comes at the right time in life. If you want to know whether there is Raja Yoga in your birth chart and whether it will bear fruit at the right time, you can contact us immediately by filling the form given above. Here we will help you under the free service of astrology.

Marriage Timing

Marriage is one of the most important of the sixteen sacraments. Almost everyone wants to know when their wedding will take place. The birth certificate can be used to know whether a person will get married or not and if so, when. Many astrologers charge a large fee to provide information about marriage. Here we will provide important information about marriage and answer your question through our free astrology service.

Baby Planning and Name

After marriage, most people are already planning for a baby. There are many benefits to planning for a good time and for the future of your child.

There is already practice for naming children based on the moon sign, but that method is completely inappropriate. The baby’s name should correspond to the strongest planet in his birth chart. Here we will help in baby planning and baby name selection.

Health Report

In addition to the bad yoga and condition of the planets in the birth chart, the condition of the bad planets brings various diseases to the body. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to treat diseases, here with the help of astrology we will try to solve the problem related to health.

Finance Problem Consulting

More than 50% of people who seek the help of astrologers have money problems. 2nd and 11th houses are Important in Astrology for Wealth. If the 2nd and 11th house owner or that house is suffering from a malefic person can face money-related problems. Contact us to get a free solution of money-related problems with the help of astrology.

Free Remedy

If you need any help or remedy other than the one mentioned above, contact us, and we will help for free.